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CLAMP Quotes

Post by Prasas on Sun Mar 22, 2009 10:35 am

"Hey! Who are you calling a stuffed animal?!" - Kero

"I dream of cake!" - Kero

"I sense a clow card around here; (sniffs the air), hey, wait a minute, I smell pudding!!" - Kero

"That's impossible. It is forbidden for a candidate to take the Final Judgment twice. To insure that this did not happen, Clow Read decreed that anyone having anything to do with the Clow Cards would forget this chapter in their lives forever." - Yue

"Stop calling me 'kid'!!" - Li

"K... Keroberos? No way! The Guardian Beast of the Seal! The Beast with a golden eye... is a stuffed animal?!" - Li

"For some of us, death is only the beginning." - Yue

"So we finally meet. I've been watching you closely Sakura. The Cards need a strong master, but they also need someone with a brave heart. Keroberos and Yue have chosen well." - Clow Reed
"So did you give me the new Staff?" - Sakura
"No you made this Staff all on your own. Your Staff is ruled not by the power of the Sun or Moon, but by the powers of your very own Star. Take care of your powers Sakura. You Star is a tiny light now, but it burns bright and will always light your way." - Clow Reed

"We could always... stick around in our Earthly Forms a little longer. Just in case she needs us." - Keroberos

"Even after taking all of Tori's powers, you're still no match for me. Of course, my master is stronger than yours." - Ruby Moon

"These humans... they amuse me." - Ruby Moon

"That's all the cake I get?" - Kero

"Sakura! You must pay attention to your dreams! They're a look into the future!" - Kero

"How did I get stuck cooking dinner anyways? Being a human can be such a drag." - Ruby Moon

"No doubt you have a perfectly logical explanation for that." - Kero

"Listen. Clow Reed is Clow Reed, and you are you! There's no need to compare yourself to him. He's the one who chose you, remember? Now get some sleep." - Kero

"I put all of my strength and all of my heart in creating the two of you and the Clow Cards. I want you to be happy under the care of your new Master, even after I'm long gone. That is my final wish." - Clow Reed

"It's so hard living up to you. What if I can't do it? I'm not you!" - Sakura
"Of course you aren't me, you're you! But you must have the same faith in yourself that I have in you. Remember, the Past is behind us, but the Future lies before you." - Clow Reed
"And if I loose my way?" - Sakura
"Then let your Star shine bright and guide your way. Sakura, it will never fail you, if you believe in yourself." - Clow Reed

"You will have all the strength you will need inside. And you have a Future only you can create. Take care, Sakura." - Clow Reed

"You were careless, the Clow Cards should have NEVER escaped." - Yue
"Perhaps. But you know as well as I do, that nothing ever happens by accident, Yue." - Keroberos

"So what are Silent's powers?" - Sakura
"I'm not sure." - Kero
"But you're the Guardian Beast of the Seal!" - Sakura
"It doesn't speak, so I haven't had a chance to figure it out yet." - Kero

"I never said being a Guardian was easy!" - Kero

"I am Yue, The Judge. Final Judgment belongs to me." - Yue

"I am surprised. I thought a direct descendent of Clow Reed would be a more worthy opponent." - Yue

"I don't need your help! (walks away)" - Li
"Fine!" - Sakura
"Uh... Sakura?" - Li
"What?" - Sakura
"I need to get back across the water." - Li

"We would be better guardians, if we knew what to expect." - Yue

"Come on, Sakura! Hurry up! I'm hungry!" - Kero
"Kero, hasn't anyone ever told you patience is a virtue?" - Sakura

"I don't want to be your master, but a friend." - Sakura
"I, Yue, the judge, recognize Sakura as the master of the clow." - Yue

"That's something I thought I'd never see, Yue washing dishes." - Ruby

"Even though I have some memories of my past life... I am not Clow Reed. Clow Reed is never going to appear in this world again." - Eriol

"Keroberos and Yue... they seem so happy here. They miss you a lot." - Sakura
"And they care for you more than you know. Do you care for them? Keroberos and Yue?" - Clow Reed
"Of course! I trust them with all my heart." - Sakura

Lha kok cuma dari CCS aja emm?
Saia males nyari Panas....

Ayo member2 laen tambahin quote2 dari karya CLAMP lainnya

"Kuawali Kupahami Kukuasai" - Prasas

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Re: CLAMP Quotes

Post by Herdana Kuranase on Tue Mar 24, 2009 2:34 pm

Coba Inta nyumbang dr xxxHolic (karya CLAMP kan?)

"We're here to Grant your wish." -Ichihara Yuuko-
"If you want to change, you must first make it clear to yourself why you wish to chage, and how intend to do so" -Ichihara Yuuko-
"You did say that you'd 'Quit'. And when you said you'd quit it 'All' that means 'everything'" -Ichihara Yuuko-
"No matter who it concerns. When you decide to do something or not to do something, it's a promise to yourself. Hence, the only person who can break the promise is the person who made it. Because no one will be responsible for another's promise." -Ichihara Yuuko-

Segitu dulu yaaa....
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